What are we

A tender passion to serve great delicacies to classmates grew into an insatiable hunger, which led us to ‘food from the heart -> smile on the face’. We are a startup of young students who strive to make you happy through what we feel is food from the heart and that’s what our tagline reads “live to eat”.
Our past
Gullu's Kitchen was born after few hungry dissatisfied evenings in college way back in 2013 . With a few months away from joining the regular campus placement jobs , we decided to give a shot on food. With a quintal in weight and food in mind we decided to start our own joint of lip smacking dishes from the national breakfast lunch dinner for students - maggi noodles to a customised varieties of burgers sandwiches and wraps.

We have it all. we looked back 5 generations and did not find anyone who had ever run a restaurant in our family tree. Looks like it worked . We made it the way we would like to hog- simple ,desi and fresh. Along with some of the best chefs we sell a wide variety of 30 odd products in our 5 outlets spread across Chennai and Bangalore.

Followers of our title , we make each customer also do so. Yea, live to eat...

Gulshan Iyer
A civil engineer in bachelors and an avid food blogger. Co- founder of Melting Point – a student startup that went on to win the people’s choice award at NEN (National Entrepreneurs Network).
Venkatesh MA
An ardent computer science engineer and a food designer. Simply a geek, software architect, with a bunch of apps floating on stores.
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18th October 2019
Chennai, India

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